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“All the conference sessions surpassed my expectations. The conference included subject matters experts from Hindu Americans on such diverse topics as consciousness to gene therapy, and there were excellent take-aways from all sessions. I am so happy and enthused by the concept to execution of this conference”
– Prof. Amit Tandon, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

“It was an amazing and inspiring conference to say the least. You and your team did an excellent job at highlighting the Hindu saga in the US. I hope my speech helped, but I will assure you that all of the speakers I was able to witness were great”
- Dr. Angelina Mehta, Doctor of Naturopathy Medicine, Verve Holistic Health

“It was truly an extraordinary event—whatever expectations I had were far exceeded. The topics spanned a huge range of human knowledge—from the arts, to the theoretical and applied sciences, to business, to public policy, to the traditional Vedic disciplines—yet the speakers on every panel were exceptional and impressive. It was especially fulfilling and illuminating to see how each speaker related their journey and success to the principles of Hindu dharma. I felt the collective consciousness of the Threads conference was of a very high and sattvic nature, and that the conference had an uplifting and transforming effect for the participants that will ripple out to the society at large, to promote the progressive, life-supporting society we all desire”
– Dr. Stuart Rothenberg, National Medical Director of the Transcendental Meditation Health Professional Association and Maharishi Ayurvedic Association of America

“When I first heard of Threads, it reminded me of our Bengali “ Paitey”, which is often termed as Threads Ceremony. I think the Indian American Hindu diaspora has truly come of age and is about to reach adulthood and be a part of the mainstream American fabric, so the Threads 2019 was aptly named as such”
– Sumit Ganguli, CEO of GAVS Technologies

“It was a great event, well planned and well organized. It also highlighted what we can do for India while we successfully contribute our efforts here in USA. It was indeed a pleasure and honor to be part of it”
– Yogi Sarin, Founder and CEO of Petron Scientech

“Congratulations on a wonderful conference! It was inspiring and uplifting on many levels for me. I was so grateful to meet this community. The theme and tone of your conference was full of breadth, depth and inclusion”
- Hilary Garivaltis, Exec. Director of National Ayurvedic Medical Association, and the Founder and former Dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda 

“Pleasure participating in a conference along with iconic Dharma scholar, Rajiv Malhotra ji; also representing “Muslims for Dharma” in Hindu American Conference, Threads, in Boston, USA”
– Tahir Gora, Author, Journalist, Political Activist, Founder of Canadian Thinkers’ Forum (CTF)

“Threads was a memorable experience for me, as it was for so many delegates I spoke with.  It brought us together to share our stories and cherish our heritage in a convivial setting, with nourishment for the body, mind and spirit all taken care of so well.  The quality of speakers was uniformly high and the stories and lessons they shared made for a rich learning experience”
– Dr. Kumar Nochur, Author of the Age of Ananda: Conscious Evolution to the Life Divine

“I consider this an honor to have been invited to participate in the unique and educational conference. The speakers were engaging and informative”
– Malathi Iyengar, Dancer, Choreographer, Writer and Visual Artist

“Thanks so much for having me! It was great. I saw one of the Consul Generals last night and he brought up the conference to me, knowing I was there and he said he heard it went great as well!
– Niraj Antani, State Representative, Ohio 42nd District

“It was an honor to be included in such stellar company, and a delight to hear the wisdom from my fellow panelists and all the other speakers. I bow to all who organized the conference. I can only imagine how much thought and energy went into it”
– Phil Goldberg, Author of numerous books including the highly acclaimed “American Veda”

“I appreciated being included and look forward to working to further the Hindu advocacy we have been doing as individuals, as part of various organizations and collectively. It is critical for us to see the world as one family to create a bright future for all. My respects to all who were involved in making the conference a reality”
- Padma Kuppa, State Representative, Michigan 41st District

“I loved being at the conference. I met so many from whom I learned, shared ideas, and might even be able to work together in the future. It was nice to be with so many experts on diverse subjects, all humble and grounded in Santana Dharma”
Dr. Prasad Jayanti, James Frank Family Professor o Computer Science, Dartmouth College, MA

“I am writing to express my gratitude for the wonderful time my family and I had at the conference. A lot of work went into planning and executing it with great attention to the minutest details! It was a very educational and elevating experience!”
– Shuchita Rao, Award winning Hindustani Vocalist, Music Educator

“Wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for organizing the most inspiring and thought provoking one of its kind conference in Boston. I was truly humbled to hear the success stories of  the highly recognized stalwarts from different fields and honored to be given a chance to speak in front of the most distinguished audience”
– Swati Dave, Educator, Project Management Consultant

“It was an honor to share the stage with such accomplished and distinguished speakers”
– Saumya Sharma, Associate with Pepper Hamilton LLP (Attorneys at Law)

“Thank you very much for inviting us to the conference. We appreciate your efforts and have lots of good wishes and pure feelings for future conferences like this. All panelists were wonderful, sharing the culture, tradition, arts and religion of Bharat. If all Hindus are spiritually empowered, we are sure, it is going to create a great impact in the whole world”
- Brahma Kumari Ranjanben, Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center – Dallas

“Thank you for the opportunity and invitation to participate and attend THREADS 2019.  It was really well coordinated and organized event.  It was great to hear and meet prominent leaders and visionaries in their prominent field”
– Vivek Pandya (young table sensation) and Kalpit Pandya (father)

“Heartiest congratulations to you all for a very successful conference…feel proud of the job well done”
– Lalit Kaul

“Congratulations to the whole team; you pulled it (off) in a fantastic way”
– Mona Khaitan

“I am very honored to know all of you and I thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone. This conference was a great learning and sharing experience and definitely lot of memories were made at Threads 2019”
– Priya Samant

“Congratulations to all!! A seamless execution like this itself resonates and shows great planning, collaboration, leadership and above all an exceptional teamwork. Looking forward to many more successes to enjoy and share with you all”
– Ankur Sharma

“Incredible team…a lot of fun during the week. I truly enjoyed working with the whole team. Particularly Amitabh ji. Learned so many things during the conference”
– Jagdish Tewari

“It was a great conference… Please keep up the good work. Vasudevam Kutumbkam”
– Kaushal Vyas

“My heartfelt congratulations to the entire Threads team… for a great conference”
– Ajay Shah


Event Report

BOSTON, MA - The Threads 2019 conference, organized by World Hindu Council of America concluded on November 3, 2019, after three days of thought-provoking and captivating deliberations.

Threads 2019 November 1-3, 2019, Boston, MA

  • Friday, November 1,2019
    Session 1 : Inaugural
    Cultural Program
  • Saturday, November 2,2019
    Rare Music Treat - Morning Ragas
    Session 2 : Arts & Literature
    Session 3 : Industry & Commerce
    Session 4 : Public Service & Advocacy
    Session 5 : Holistic Living
    Session 6 : Technology & Entrepreneurship
    Session 7 : Medicine, Biotech & Pharmacy
    Dinner, Posters, Networking
    Session 8 : Special Session
    Session 9 : Lightening Talks
  • Sunday, November 3,2019
    Morning Ragas
    Session 10 : Education
    Session 11 : Service & Philanthropy
    Session 12 : Closing
    Lunch & Adjournment